Tributes to Caroline's Rooms

The most powerful rationale for Caroline's Rooms comes from the heartfelt words of NICU parents and caregivers who have experiences or seen firsthand how this resource can benefit families in times of great stress and trauma.  On this page, is a sampling of "Caroline's Room Stories."

  • Molly Erin Kasik was born on August 13th, 2011.  Though we knew Molly would have some health issues being born with Turners Syndrome, we weren't prepared for more serious birth defects that were discovered after her delivery into this world.  Although Molly was a full term baby we soon realized she was not able to breath on her own and was put on a ventilator right away, later learning she would never be able to breath on her own.  Molly also had some severe heart defects and soon after we learned the medication that was being administered since her birth to help keep her heart functioning properly, stopped working as well.  We knew at that time, that Molly was telling us it was okay to let her go.

    With the help of Molly's wonderful nurses, respiratory therapists, and amazing doctors, Molly was moved into "Carolines Room" within the NICU and they were able to place her on the oxygen machine and provide all the care in this intimate quiet room, the same as in the NICU ward.  The last 24 hours we spent with Molly in "Carolines Room" is a time we, her parent's, will never forget as well as our extended family that were able to be with Molly and love her there.  Molly passed away on August 27th, 2011 (2 weeks after her birth) in "Caroline's Room" in her mother's arms with her daddy by her side and surrounded by all 4 grandparent's, her aunt and uncle and our family pastor. 

    We saw a change in Molly as soon as she was wheeled into Caroline's Room the day before she passed.  She was more alert and told us with her eyes how peaceful she felt.  We are so thankful for having "Carolines Room" to spend the last day with our daughter and hope other families are able to utilize this room with their child, the way we were able to with our baby girl, Molly Eri

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