The March of Dimes, one of the leading voices on premature research and prevention in the United States, describes prematurity as a "silent crisis in America" and the "leading killer of America's newborns." To address this crisis, the MOD is in the midst of its Prematurity Campaign, a "multi-year, multimillion dollar research, awareness and education campaign to help families have healthier babies."  Please visit the MOD website for more information on cutting edge research, how to prevent premature births, warning signs and risk factors, the economic and emotional impact of prematurity, and much, much more including these statistics on premature births.
Connecticut Public Television (CPTV), working in conjunction with Emmy Award-winning independent director, writer and producer, Alissa Wood, has produced an hour-long documentary, My First Breath, which examines the health issues of premature babies and how families cope.  It features an introduction and close by Jocelyn Maminta, co-founder of Caroline's Room. Learn more here.
In the winder of 2002, Jenny Minton, a member of the Caroline's Room Advisory Board, delivered her sons, Sam and Gus.  She was thirty-one weeks pregnant and her boys, conceived through in vitro fertilization, were more than two months early.  Both boys were placed on immediate life support, and for sixty-four days they hovered, critically ill, in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of a New York City hospital.  This is a record of their time there and the story of Minton's harrowing triumphant quest to bring her sons home.  Learn more and purchase the book here.


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