Carilion Clinic Children's Hospital

The Caroline's Room is at the brand new, state-of-art Carilion Clinic Children's Hospital in Roanoke, Virginia.  Carilion serves twenty-six regional hospitals in western Virginia and southern West Virginia, and its sixty-bed NICU is only Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in this region.  Planning for Caroline's Room at Carilion Clinic began while construction of the new hospital was still underway.  Recognizing that "families need, and deserve, a comfortable and private place for consultations with caregivers, family meetings, prayer, last moments and memories with their child, and grief," Carilion Clinic had already designated a space where these needs could be met.  They sought out a partnership with Caroline's Room to make their vision of a family room a reality.

The professionally designed room features traditional furnishings, soft and pleasing lighting, original artwork and beautiful prints, wall-to-wall carpeting, wallpaper, and many little touches to make it feel just like home. 


7 Albemarle Avenue, SW
Roanoke, VA 24016
Contact: Linda Hodges
(540) 224-6972

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