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Jeanne Conrad and Hillary Pease


Jeanne Conrad has over 25 years of professional and volunteer experience in organizational leadership, administration, event coordination, fund dvelopment employee and volunteer management, communications and public relations.

Hillary Pease has extensive experience in management, planning, event coordination, communications, and fund development. Her professional background includes 15 years in corporate and non-profit sectors. She is currently on the board of the Hartford Hospital Auxiliary.

As consultants to Connecticut Childrens' Medical Center, Hillary and Jeanne were first introduced to Caroline's Room. They served as liaisons between the hospital and the founders, overseeing the process of developing the hospital's new Caroline's Room. This successful endeavor led to an ongoing partnership and named co-directors of Caroline's Room in 2006. 

Edith Whitman

Interior Designer

Edith Whitman has been a leading interior designer in the Greater Hartford, Connecticut area since 1968. Affectionately called Edie, she has worked on a wide variety of projects over the years including homes, offices, factories, and show houses. But she is best known for her residential work. Edie is the only designer who has done every Junior League of Hartford Show House. She travels extensively to look for interesting items to use in her work and shop and is a well loved lecturer on interior design. Her design of Caroline's Rooms are distinctive, detail oriented and customized to each hospital's use and color scheme.

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